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Man With no Arms or Legs - Nick Vujicic

Man With no Arms or Legs - Nick Vujicic

Man With no Arms or Legs - Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, an internationally publicized speaker and best-selling author of the New York Times, was born in Melbourne, Australia on May 12. Even though he was an otherwise healthy kid, Nick was born without arms and legs; He did not have legs, but had two small legs with one having two legs.

Nick has two siblings, Michelle and Aaron. Initially, Victoria state law prevented Nick from attending mainstream school due to physical disability, despite a lack of mental retardation. After these laws were changed Vujicic became one of the first physically disabled students to integrate into a mainstream school.

At age eight, he thought of suicide and even tried to drown himself in his bathtub when he was ten; His love for his parents prevented him from following him. He also stated in his music video "Something More" that God had a plan for his life and therefore he could not sink.

Biography of - Nick Vujicic

  • Born: 4 December 1982, in Melbourne, Australia
  • Birth name: Nicholas James Vujicic
  • Nickname: Nick
  • Citizenship:  Australia, United States
  • Education: Baccalaureate
  • Alma mater: Griffith University
  • Occupation: Evangelist, Motivational speaker
  • Height: 1 '3' '(0. 5m)
  • Years active:  2004–present
  • Spouse(s): Kanae Miyahara (m. 2012)
  • Children: 4
  • Website:
Man With no Arms or Legs - Nick Vujicic

Not only did Nick not only face the challenges of emotional and self-esteem in school and adolescence throughout his childhood, he also struggled with depression and loneliness as he questioned why he was so different from all the other kids. "Why am I born without arms and legs?"

As Nick grew older, he learned to deal with his disability and gradually acquired more skills from himself. A doorman at his high school encouraged him to speak publicly about overcoming adversity, so Nick began talking to a small group of students at the age of 17.

After high school, Nick attended high school and earned a bachelor's degree in accounting and financial planning from Griffith University in Logan, Australia. At age 19, Nick revolves around his life story and begins to fulfill his dream of encouraging other people through speech. He also found the purpose of his existence and his purpose in his circumstances.

Nick eventually moved from Brisbane, California to Los Angeles, California, where he became the founder and president of LifeWide Limbs, an international nonprofit organization and the owner of inspirational lectures, Attitude Is Altitude. He married his first love, Kane, in 2012, born their first son Kiyoshi February 2013, and their second son, Dejan, on September 2015.

Since he first engaged in inspirational speeches as a teenager, Nick has traveled to more than 55 countries, sharing his story with more than 400 millions people. Nick is the author of Life Without Limits, Unstoppable (New York Times best-seller), Unlimited, Stand Strong, and Love Wide Limitations.

Nick's story is about to resonate worldwide and he will be called "CBS Sunday Morning," "Upper Lifeclass," "PBS Religion and Policy News Weekly," USA Today, Newsmax, "Life Today" and "The 700 Club" and twice. 60 minutes Australia. " Christian Today Magazine named him one of the contributors to the next chapter of the American Faith "33 years Under 33".

Some personal quotes from - Nick Vujicic:

Man With no Arms or Legs - Nick Vujicic

“If you have ever wondered how God can use you to change the world on earth, look to the people God used to change history. A ragbag of ne-cork-wells and headdresses who found hope in God's proverb open arms, not in their workplace. ------- Nick.

If I can only encourage one, my work in this life is over. ------- Nick.

I will try again and again, because the moment I gave up, I failed that moment. ------- Nick.

The way you can fall down, ... sometimes in life you may fall down and never find the strength to come back ... Do you hope to have hope? Because I told you that I'm here and I have no hands and no legs ... ... It should be impossible for me to get up, but it's not. ------- Nick.

I have a chance to get up as long as I try. It's not over until you give up. ------- Nick.

I may not have the hand to hold my wife's hand but I do not need her hand to hold her heart. That's what I'll catch. ------- Nick.

I'll try to get up a hundred, and if I fail a hundred times. Will I ever get up if I fail and I give up? No! If I fail I will try again and again and again. But I want to tell you this is not the end. ------- Nick.

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