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The Amazing Benifits of Eating Betel Leaf

The Amazing Benifits of Eating Betel Leaf

Many people eat with joy in their minds. Some people eat regularly and some people eat occasionally. Many people chew eating Betel Leaf to keep the mouth odor free. This taking contains betel nut as well as other delicacies. If you take it for taste or fun, do you know how much benefit it has?

Here are Some Benefits of Eating Betel Leaf

To relieve fatigue and nervous weakness of the body, eat a few drops of  Betel Leaf with a teaspoon of honey or it acts as a tonic. Helps to digest food. Eating betel leaves has been reported to reduce body fat and weight.

Helps in digestion

Betel Leaf increases the secretion of salivary glands. Due to this saliva, the first stage of digestion begins. The various enzymes or enzymes present in the saliva help to break down the food into particles which results in better digestion. This benefit is also available by just chewing betel leaves.

Eliminates bad breath

After eating, its particles stick to the inside of the mouth, between the teeth. These rot the bacteria and cause bad smell. Eating Betel Leaf acts as a disinfectant and does not allow these bacteria to grow. As a result, the health of the mouth is good and it is odor free.

Increases sexual energy

This is an old practice but effective. Eating Betel Leaf increases sexual energy. Earlier in the day, newlyweds drank more and more.

Eliminates gastric ulcer

Eatking Betel Leaf less air in the stomach. As a result, gastric and ulcer formation does not get a chance. Eating Betel Leaf helps in digestion and also prevents the formation of bad gas in the stomach. So that the stomach does not swell.


The roots of the betel tree do not become juvenile by playing with juice. It can be taken without birth control pills. Evidence of this has been found in studies of different countries.

Unk Murray

If you have a rash on your head, just before taking a bath, if you eat the Betel Leaf of the leaves and put it on your head, the rash will die. It is better to drink salty national in this work.

The boil cracks

Put ghee on the shiny green back of the betel leaf, heat it with a little toast and apply it on the boil, it boils quickly and bursts. Put ghee on the reverse side of the leaf and put it in the same way and pull out the pus. The same results can be obtained by using castor oil instead of ghee.

Cures skin diseases

If there is itching or itching anywhere in the body, if you eat the Betel Leaf of the leaves, it will get better in a few days.

Beneficial for mouth and teeth

When the gums are contaminated, they swell and cause sores. In this case, by mixing a little water with drinking juice and rinsing it, the wound dries slowly. If there is any wound in the mouth, it is relieved by eating Betel Leaf. Eating Betel Leaf contains ascorbic acid which is an excellent antioxidant. It also prevents oral cancer.

Cures nail pain

Many times there is pain in the corners of the nails. In this condition, if you give a few drops of Betel Leaf to eat, the pain goes away.

Removes moles

If there is mole on the body, apply drinking juice on it for a few days. This will cause the mole to fall off slowly and will not form in that place anymore.

Controls diabetes

Studies have shown that eating Betel Leaf can control blood sugar levels. As a result, the Betel Leaf has anti-diabetic properties.

Colds out

Eating Betel Leaf is effective in getting rid of phlegm / cold or mucus in the chest. In this case, honey should be mixed with eating Betel Leaf and eaten for a few days. This will get rid of the phlegm accumulated in the chest.

Relieves headaches

If you have a headache, apply the Betel Leaf on your forehead and the headache will be reduced quickly.

Heals wounds and pain

Eating Betel Leaf has analgesic and wound healing properties. If there is pain somewhere, apply it like an ointment on the bet leaves and the pain will decrease quickly. If there is pain somewhere inside the body, it should be mixed with eating Betel Leaf and water and eaten like sherbet. Just chewing betel leaves and eating Betel Leaf will also have this benefit.

Increases appetite

When the stomach is upset, everything turns upside down. I don't feel hungry. This happens when the acidity or pH level in the stomach is not normal. Eating helps keep it normal. Even just chewing betel leaves will increase appetite.

Works as antiseptic

If you cut it somewhere and eat Betel Leaf there quickly, there is no fear of bacterial infection. Betel leaves are full of polyphenols, especially chemicals called chavikal. It works against germs. It also stops swelling and relieves pain.

Relieves back pain

There can be back pain for various reasons. Even from bed. This problem often occurs in the elderly. Such pain can also be caused by muscle tension. In this case, it is beneficial to bake the place of pain with betel leaves. In addition, the pain is reduced by mixing coconut oil with the juice of the leaves and massaging the sore spot.

Relieves urinary incontinence and urinary incontinence

Those who urinate less or have difficulty urinating can benefit from eating Betel Leaf. In this case, you have to squeeze the juice of 1 betel leaf. It will be beneficial to drink the juice mixed with a little milk. This will increase the water holding capacity of the body and urinary incontinence will go away.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Betel leaves have excellent antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and prevent cancer in the body. For this you have to burn 10-12 betel leaves in water for 5 minutes every day. Then you have to take it down and sift it. When it is a little cold, mix a few drops of honey in it and drink it while it is still lukewarm. Eating it every day will greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

Reduces abdominal pain in children

When there is pain in the abdomen, small children start crying. Older children hold their stomachs and sneeze. In this case, apply coconut oil on the shiny back of the drink leaf, heat it, press the leaf on the stomach and bake it. After 3-4 minutes, if you boil it a few times in this way, the pain in the stomach will be reduced. Be careful not to overheat the heat.

Heals burns

When it is burnt, there is severe burning. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with the betel leaf paste on the burnt area and apply it. The pain will be relieved and the burnt place will become dry.

However, there are some drawbacks to eating Betel Leaf. It is digested but indigestion is caused by playing too much. The juice of the stems and veins of the drink reduces the power of the senses. So drinking stems should not be eaten. Those who are sick, weak, in poor health, they do not drink. Do not drink even for fainting patients, tuberculosis patients and those who have raised eyes.

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