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How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

Want to know if your favorite movie or TV show is available to stream? Here are a few tools that make it easy to check.

How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

Streaming media is one of the great technological innovations of recent years. You are allowed to watch movies and television episodes from anywhere on the Internet.

But with so many streaming services, it's hard to find out where your favorite movies and TV shows are available to stream. Fortunately, you have a variety of tools on your own.

If you know which movie to watch, the fastest way to find out where you can stream it is to look at one of the sites below. Each of these scans dozens of streaming services and digital stores to let you know exactly where you are looking for what you are looking for. 

JustWatch: Search streaming service around the world

How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

JustWatch is the most popular site for finding out where movies and TV shows are streaming. It returns quick results with a crystal clear UI that tells you where the movie can be streamed or how much it will cost to buy it from different stores.

With JustWatch, you can test movies for single search on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube and many more. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find a streaming service that doesn't come with JustWatch.

You can even tap or click the service you want to use from the search results, and JustWatch will automatically open a new tab for that particular movie. Another great feature of this site is that it has many filters so you can sort by content according to genre, price, release date and much more.

You can access JustWatch through the website or download the app for Android or iOS. 

Download: JustWatch for Android | IOS (Free)

Rilgood: Find movies to stream from multiple services

How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

Similar to Justwatch above, Rilgod scans content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and more than 600 streaming services to get the movie you want to watch. Just type the movie in your search bar, then select it from the results page to see all the places available for the stream.

Unlike JustWatch, which lets you choose parts of the world, Rilgod only tests availability for streaming in the United States.

You get a lot of information from search results to help you decide if you want to watch the movie. This information includes plot summaries, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores, age ratings, runtime, tags and more.

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You can download the free app for Android or iOS.

Download: Reelgood for Android | IOS (Free)

If you only see a couple of streaming services

Both JustWatch and RealGoad search their entire library of streaming services when trying to figure out where to watch a movie or TV show. However, if you subscribe to several services, it may not work for you.

For example, if you simply subscribe to Netflix and Disney + there is no benefit to streaming to Godfather Hulu.

Fortunately, both services allow you to filter your results by the services you subscribe to. You can even create a free account to save your preferences, so you don't have to re-add them every time you run a search.

Click the services you use from the top of the search results page from the JustWatch website. It filters your results into movies and TV shows available only on those platforms.

Rilgood invites you to add your services from the homepage. Follow this link and choose a selection of services to save to your account. When you're ready to look for a movie, Rilgod only shows you the available images. 

Search Apple TV, Fire Stick and other hardware

How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

There is a good chance that any kind of streaming hardware is connected to your TV. It could be an Apple TV, an Amazon Fire TV stick or a Roku device. You can use these devices to search across a range of streaming services when you're trying to find a specific movie or TV show.

Even without a physical streaming device you will see that the search feature works the same way on a smart TV.

All you need to do is use the search function built into the operating system. You can even talk to Siri or Alexa to do a voice search for movies instead of movies.

None of these devices are as extensive as JustWatch or RealGood. They seem to be in favor of streaming services available for viewing with that particular device. But if you already have the remote in your hand, this is a very convenient place to start your search.

If you have no idea what you want to watch

Perfect choices in streaming services mean that some people spend more time deciding what to watch than actually enjoying movies and TV shows. If you can relate, the websites I have shown you above may not speed up your decision making on Movie Night.

Fear not, there are plenty of other resources at your disposal. Take a look at this movie's recommended sites to help you decide what kind of shaking mood you're in for tonight.

Once you know it, go back to JustWatch or Rilgood to find out where you can start streaming that movie.

How to find movies from free stream

Using these websites and apps makes it easier than ever to find specific movies available for streaming. Just knowing where you can stream the movie doesn't mean you have already subscribed to that service.

They have a lot of services to subscribe to nowadays. But if you’re tired of all of your current services, don’t jump on the bandwagon. There are plenty of ways to stream movies online and they are perfectly legal.

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