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Make Money from Facebook Videos | Income Course from Facebook

Make Money from Facebook Videos | Income Course from Facebook

At present, you can also earn money online through Facebook. Facebook has opened the best opportunity to earn money from the net long ago, but many of us do not know how to make money from Facebook.

It is very easy to outsource or make money with Facebook. In my opinion, the income on Facebook is the second best among all the methods of online income. For those who want to make money with mobile, Facebook may be the highest priority. Although there are many techniques or methods of earning from Facebook, but there is no need to follow all the methods. Some of the most well-known and popular methods are- 

  • Earnings from Facebook videos
  • Earnings by branding products on Facebook
  • Earn money by affiliate marketing on Facebook

The first method is to have a Facebook page to earn money by posting Facebook videos. The number of likes on the page will be based on whether you can earn income by uploading Facebook videos. In the case of others, it will work even if there is no page, but you must be popular on Facebook or income from Facebook will be difficult for you.

If you want to earn income by posting videos on Facebook, you have to follow the same path as YouTube. In this case too, if you want to do ad show in video, first you have to monetize your page. In case of monetization, some conditions of Facebook have to be fulfilled. Monetization is possible with about ten thousand likes and 30 thousand views. This post discusses in detail how to make money by posting videos on Facebook. You continue reading.

The second method of Facebook revenue, product branding usually means giving a positive status about a company's product, such as - you have a popular page or group. You paid for reviews about one or two products from one of the companies on this page or group. This review of yours may increase the demand for the product. The question is; Who will offer such branding? In this case, first you have to contact the marketing manager of a couple of companies. If you have popularity, they will definitely not give you back, but may offer less money at first. Success will depend on the popularity of your page in terms of product branding.

The third method of income through Facebook is affiliate marketing. This is usually like an online salesperson By selling the products of any organization, its commission is being taken to earn income through affiliate marketing. If you have a Facebook page or group, you can sell products there. In this case, your income will depend on the product sales. There are many good companies for affiliate marketing like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. If you want, you can sell the products of these companies on your page or group. 

Facebook income benefits

There are many benefits to earning money from Facebook. As I said before, making money from Facebook account is the second best method of online income. Among the benefits of Facebook Income are- 

  • Anyone can earn income from Facebook.
  • Much more can be earned.
  • Reliable method.
  • Opportunity for cash income.
  • Income can be made on mobile.

There are also many other benefits that many people want to choose income from Facebook as a profession. 

The difficulty of income from Facebook

Facebook has to face some difficulties in terms of income. The difficulties are not so complicated but must be aware. E.g. 

  • Your video may be copied.
  • Pages can be banned or hacked at any time.
  • Criticism can be accepted.

Although the disadvantages apply to almost all cases, they are more common in the case of Facebook. 

Steps to earn money from Facebook videos

So far we have a good idea of ​​how to make money from Facebook. Now we will look at the details of how to earn money by posting videos on Facebook in a few steps. 

Step 01: Create specific pages

Decide what kind of video you will post. Think for a few days if necessary. Keep thinking about your talent. Keep thinking about how many days it takes for a day or two like this. Remember; You want to earn money online from the page you create. So make sure that the page name and your video category match.

How to create an ideal Facebook page; The full tutorial is available on our website (you can check it out if needed). When creating a Facebook page, you must correct the username. Also, don't forget to set the details or categories of the page. Hopefully; You can create the page in the right way. If you do not know the correct rules for creating a page for any reason, you will inbox on the Facebook page of our Dhaka staff. From there chalk will be taught by hand. 

Step 02: Create videos according to the category of your Facebook page

The kind of video you thought of when you opened the Facebook page; Start making videos like that. In this case too, keep moving forward with time. There is no reason to rush. Just focus on the task at hand.

You can earn money by uploading any kind of video on Facebook. If you want, you can earn money by uploading music videos or music videos on Facebook, if you want, you can also earn money from Facebook by uploading tutorial videos. I am suggesting some more video categories such as- 

  • You can earn money from Facebook by uploading funny videos.
  • You can earn money on Facebook by uploading sports videos.
  • You can also earn money by reviewing products or movies.
  • You can also earn money from Facebook without short film.
  • You can also earn income from Facebook by opening a news portal.
  • You can also earn money from Facebook by uploading gaming videos.
  • You can also earn by becoming a motivational speaker.

You can follow any one of the above video categories or follow multiple categories. Keep making multiple videos and try to complete the quality of the video as much as possible. 

Step 03: Post videos at regular intervals

Step number three is very important to you. You have to test your patience. You have to upload the video to the Facebook page with a certain time interval. If you want to earn income by uploading videos on Facebook, you must upload the video according to the proper rules. The following points should be kept in mind to maintain the view of your video and the popularity of the page- 

  • You need to upload at least 1 video every week.
  • You have to upload the video at the same time.
  • Video thumbnails need to be clear, interesting and video related.
  • Once a video has been uploaded, it cannot be deleted.
  • The title must be appropriate when uploading.
  • The video needs to be tagged with appropriate keywords.

You have to upload the video according to the above rules. Even if you want to make income with mobile; The same things must be observed when uploading. This step is very important for making money from the net. 

Step 04: Do Facebook Page Marketing

Even if you upload good videos, you are not likely to get many views at first because the number of likes on the page is less in the beginning. Facebook authorities will not pay much attention to your video. That's why you need to market or promote the page first. If you want to make money online, you have to do this marketing. You can follow the following methods for your Facebook marketing. 

  • You can invite friends to like the page.
  • You can share the video link in the comment box of different media.
  • Paid marketing means that if you give money to Facebook, Facebook will do the marketing itself.

In the case of Facebook Paid Marketing, if your page gets good likes and shares at first, then later these will start to decrease, which means that popularity will result.

Let me tell you, you can go to the fifth step in 2/3 months if you continue to do your best and upload videos regularly. 

Step 05: Turn on ad breaks

Ad breaks are short breaks to promote ads on your video. Facebook 7 will advertise one or more times in the middle of your video after a certain time during the video You get paid for displaying these ads. To turn on ad breaks, you must first monetize your page. Here are two things to keep in mind when monetizing:
  • Whether the number of followers and likes of your page is more than 10 thousand.
  • Whether the videos on your page have been viewed more than 30,000 times in the last 60 days

You can only monetize your page if your page has a yes indicator on the above two topics. You can also check the monetization eligibility of the page by entering the Facebook Monetization link.

If you are suitable for monetization then you will get an option to apply for monetization after going to the link above. Apply for monetization as per rules. Once applied, your application will be reviewed. You will get the results of the review within a maximum of one week.

If the application of monetization is successful; In case of uploading new videos, turn on ad breaks There are two ways to introduce ad breaks; Automatic and manually. Use the automatic option first. Facebook will automatically display ads if you follow the automatic procedure. In the last step of uploading the video, you will get the option of ad breaks. 

Step 06: Continue Working

The hard work you have started cannot be stopped. Keep going. Think of something new every day. Income from Facebook with mobile; An opportunity for extra income. So even if you don't have a computer or laptop, start earning with mobile. Small graphics videos can also be made with mobile.

If you are a student, it is a great blessing for students to earn money from Facebook. Continue to work in the empty space of tuition. Keep posting new videos. Which video will flop and which video will go viral. Forget the flop; Be content with being viral. The key to continuing the work -
  • You can't make a mistake.
  • Can't think of flop video.
  • You can't think much about income.
  • Be optimistic about new videos.

Hard work is also the key to success. So if you want to make income from Facebook videos, the only alternative to hard work is hard work. So keep working. 

Step 07: Payout

Withdrawing money from a Facebook page is called payout. This step is exciting for almost everyone. There are two ways to make money from Facebook. The two mediums are-
  • Withdraw money from Facebook through PayPal.
  • Withdraw money from Facebook through bank account.

The bank account must be in the name of the admin of the page. For payouts, you need to link your bank account to the payout method in the monetization section of the business section of Facebook. After connecting, Facebook will verify your name and address. When the verification is completed, Facebook will confirm with a message. Then you can pay your earned money to the bank account. 

How much money can be earned from Facebook videos?

How much money can be made on Facebook? How to make $100 a day from Facebook? etc. The question is heard almost every day. In fact, there is no fixed amount of income from Facebook. You can earn a thousand dollars a day on Facebook, you can earn a hundred dollars again; There is no income.

Income on Facebook will depend on your video views as well as clicks on the ads displayed on your videos. Usually on Facebook; Video ads are shown. In this case, Facebook will pay even if you do not click. If you click on the ad along with the video ad show, then you must be paid extra.

Seen many times; While the video is playing, the viewer doesn't actually watch the video anymore, so even if the video is viewed, the ad view is not. You will not get any money for such a view. Again, if the video is a little long and popular, then Facebook promotes multiple ads there, so even if the views on such videos are less, the revenue is much higher. All in all this can be said; Try to get more then 100k views per month, then you do not have to worry about income.

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