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Make Money Online by Blogging | Blogging Guide A to Z

Make Money Online by Blogging | Blogging Guide A to Z

You can earn by writing if you want. Blogging is the third most popular way to earn money online. Writing online is called online blogging. Although it is not easy to earn income by blogging online, for those who are accustomed to writing, earning money by blogging can be called a passion.

Many of the students have writing experience and there are even many who are doing a job but love to write; For them, blogging is an opportunity for additional income as well as the opportunity to become a well-known writer in the society or the country.

There are several ways to earn money from a blog. Of all the ways to earn money from a blog, the following are the most popular, such as- 

  • Earn money by advertising on the blog.
  • Make money by branding products on the blog.
  • Earn money by affiliate marketing with blogs.
  • Income from writing blogs in someone else's personal or organization.

Of the above four methods, the method of making money by advertising on blogs is the most popular. This article discusses step by step how to make money by advertising on the blog. Following each step; You can go to work from today. Before starting each step; Let's discuss in more detail how to make money by writing a blog.

In order to earn money by advertising on the blog, you need to open a blog site. Blogsite is a website where you will publish your articles. This is why it is also called making money from the website. To make money from the website - if your website is fairly popular after publishing the article; You need to apply for Google Adsense. If you get approval from Google Adsense then you can earn money by advertising on your blog or website.

If you want to earn money by branding products with blogs, you have to have a lot more visitors to your website. Product branding is basically the publicity or review of a product or service by writing positively about it. If the number of visitors to your website is very high, you can contact the marketing section of any company Making money by publishing articles about a specific product of the company for a good amount of money is basically making money by branding the product. In this case, just as there is a guarantee of getting a good amount of money, getting cash also deepens the feeling of success or feeling good about the job.

Earnings from affiliate marketing with blogs is a lot to avoid. In the past, many people used to do affiliate marketing with blogs, but now the affiliate marketing with websites is less visible as the income is less than hard work. But if you wish; You can earn income by affiliate marketing with your blog site or website. Affiliate marketing is a lot like online salesmen. If any company's product is sold through its own website; Some of the product dividends will be paid to you - this is basically called affiliate marketing. If you want, you can sell the products of reputed companies like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba on your website. In this case, if you get more customers with valuable products, earning lakhs of rupees per month is not such a difficult task. 

What kind of writing do you earn?

You can publish any type of writing on the website. You can follow your passion in making money on the website. It's best to write about what you like to write about. Here are a few things I can show you: 

  • You can earn money by writing sports blogs.
  • You can earn money by writing political blogs.
  • You can earn money by writing editorial blogs.
  • You can also make money by writing technology blogs.
  • You can also earn money by opening educational websites.
  • You can also earn income by opening a career website.
  • You can also earn money by opening a fashion related website.

There are many more writing options like this that you can easily earn income by writing about. But you have to give importance to your own will. The purpose is not only to get visitors but also to earn a good amount from the website.
Hold on to your passion for writing. Write about a subject that is unique to you. What is your passion today may one day be your profession.

Career and political websites are highly valued in Bangladesh. If you want, you can earn money by writing about any one of the above topics or you can also write about more than one topic If two or three people start together in the field of income by writing a blog, the chances of success increase a lot.

Advantage of Writing a Blog

There are many benefits to writing a blog The biggest advantage of making money from websites is that this method is a lot of luxury type. Not everyone has the habit of writing; Only those who have a habit of writing dream of income from the website By writing on a blog site, our passion often becomes much bigger than our income.  

  • You can make a lot of money by writing blogs.
  •  You don't need much time to earn money by writing a blog.
  •  Become a well-known blogger or writer.
  • You can own a website.
  •  Cash can be made from blogs.

Also those who write blogs; They always have a special value in the society or at the highest level of the country; As a result, blogging is a great way to not only make money but also to reach the pinnacle of success. 

Difficulty earning money by writing blogs

Writing a blog does not have to be a hassle, but it can be a hassle in some cases, such as: It may take a long time to get Google AdSense approval (if the quality of the blog is not good). There may also be more minor problems such as- 

  • Not getting long time visitors.
  • Being late to get Google AdSense approval.
  • Occasionally there are very few blog visitors.
  • Reading about website hacking (in very rare cases)

Make money from blogs step by step

If you want to earn money by writing a blog, you will need a computer and it must have a net connection. There are many platforms for writing blogs but two platforms are very popular in our country for earning money by writing blogs. The two platforms are- 

  • Earn by writing on Blogger.
  • Earn money by writing blogs in WordPress.

The first platform is the Blogger service of Google. Those who do not have much knowledge of website development can easily start earning money by blogging from this platform. The second platform is WordPress which is much more updated than Blogger. WordPress is more useful for those who have a good knowledge of websites and those who want to become professional bloggers. In this article, we will discuss step by step how to make money by blogging on Google's service Blogger. 

Step 01: Think about what to write a blog about and fix the name of the blogsite

If you want to make money from blogs, first you have to decide what you like to write about. The matter will become a big issue. Your success will depend on the subject matter of your writing. The language of your writing will be clear on the subject of which you have a strong knowledge so you can find the subject of your choice.

If necessary, take a couple of days. Do not rush to find your own good. If necessary, make a note - what topic do you want to write a blog? Once the topic is fixed, fix a name for your website accordingly. The name of the blog site must be kept in mind- 

  • The name of the website will be meaningful for income from the blog.
  • It is best to limit the name of the website to two words.
  • Find out if the domain name is available in the website.
  • The name cannot be changed.

Besides, in case of determining the name, it is necessary to take out different names and keep notes if necessary. The name that is clearer and more relevant has to be selected from the name that is kept in the note.

Step 02: Open the blog site and select a good quality theme

If you want to make money by writing, you must have a "writing platform" where you can publish your writing. This post is about two blogging platforms. You can choose Google's "Blogger" platform to open a blog site or you can choose WordPress.

When creating a blog site, you must pay attention to the domain name of the website. Make sure the domain name is spelled correctly. Once the blog site is open; Select a good quality theme. Blogger has different themes that you can use or different free themes for Blogger are available on different websites; You can download and use them if you want.
Extreme care should be taken in selecting the name and theme of the blog as; The number of visitors to your blog will depend on the name of the blog or website A person who reads a blog never wants to read a blog with a random name; You will not read it.

There is no substitute for caution when opening a blog site. Remember to select the blog name and theme - 

  • The name of the blog must be relevant to the writing.
  • Random blog names cannot be used.
  • The domain name must match the blog name.
  • Must be relevant to theme writing.
  • Themes cannot be changed repeatedly.

In addition to the above, it is important to keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to move too much with the structure of the blog; In this case, the risk of traffic reduction is higher. 

Step 03: Keep publishing regularly

This step is a reminder of your talent. If you want to earn money by writing, it is your turn to show how good the writing quality should be. You need to write regularly. You can make a chart of what to write. Keep writing charts. Here are some basic facts about a stomp pad:
Highlight the content of the writing: 
Have a clear idea about the content of the writing in advance. Try to highlight the content clearly in the writing. One thing to keep in mind; Blog readers don't get a chance to read your blog and ask any questions. The stronger the content, the more visitors will be attracted to your blog. This is very important when it comes to earning money by writing blogs.

Prioritize the basics: 
Writing is essential to increase the number of visitors in terms of income. The number of visitors will be higher only when your writing is of basic type. The basics are the ones that no blogger has written about before. It's not always a matter of writing a basic blog; If you want to write about any topic, the quality of the blog will be a big factor.

I want the blog to be a little longer: 
Articles or blogs are the clear language of the mind. It is better not to think of it as news. Giving someone a good idea about something will undoubtedly make it much bigger. This should also be kept in mind in the case of a blog. You are writing a blog, that is, discussing a topic; There is no point in having a small discussion. If you want to make money by writing articles, the size of the article will be much longer. There is never a blog or an article like a short poem The uniqueness of the article or blog is being; Analysis from beginning to end.

Refrain from copying and pasting on blogs: 
Avoid stealing other people's writing. Write with your own knowledge. Google can catch theft very nicely 6 Copying text from another website and publishing it on your website; The chances of not getting Google Adsense are multiplied. Stick to it as much as you can.
Even if you publish a good blog in the beginning, the visitors will not get much, but keep going. Need to publish blog regularly. You have to spread your writing among your friends.
It took us 2 months and 7 days to get the first visitor to the website through Google search! Now it stands above 50 thousand daily. It was possible because I was stuck. Stick to you too.

One of the reasons for not getting visitors at first is that Google takes some time to convince you. Publish the best text to be trusted by Google and stick to it.

Step 04: Monetize the website

If you want to make income from website, you have to monetize your blog site. Monetization means; Get permission to display ads on your website. This is a common demand of all bloggers after publishing articles on the website. There are many platforms for website monetization such as- 

  • Advertising on the website with Google Adsense.
  • Advertising on the website through Facebook Publisher.
  • Advertising on the website with the help of bidvertiser.
  • Advertising on blogs through Popular Ads etc.

Besides, advertisement can also be given through our countries company "Green and Red". Almost everyone dreams of making money with Google AdSense ads on bloggers or websites, but it is very difficult to get Google AdSense approval.

Here are all the steps you can take to get Google AdSense approval, so we are not writing about it. Earlier Google Adsense was not approved for subdomains but now Google Adsense is also approved for subdomains. If someone does not get Google AdSense approval, they can get the approval of the publisher of Facebook. In that case you can easily get the approval of Green and Red Company.

Green and Red is good for our countryfrom all other platforms except Google Adsense and Facebook Publishers. The application will be approved within a day or two of applying for Google Adsense if you have opened your blog site according to the above link. 

Step 05: Place the ad code in different places of the website

After getting the approval of Google Adsense - you have to put the ad code in different places of your website. Google will display ads wherever you place ad code. You can earn money if someone sees the ad by clicking there after the ad appears. The whole part of the website cannot be filled with ads due to greed. When installing ad code, keep in mind-
Excessive ad code should not be placed: Excessive advertising will annoy many visitors and leave the website as a result of which there will be no profit; Rather visitors will decrease. Also displaying additional ads increases the surfing time of the website which means that it will take a lot of time to load the page. If that happened then Google would start ignoring you. As a result, you will fall to the bottom of the search engine.

Don't click on your own ad: Google AdSense is easier said than done. Google is aware of who or what is clicking on the ad or where, so if you click on your own ad, it will not take much time for Google to catch it. Once caught; Adsense will be canceled and the website will be at the bottom of Google. So you should refrain from clicking on your own ads. You can't persuade anyone to click on your ad. Honestly one should expect clicks on ads.

Enter a maximum of 3 ad codes: Anyone can follow Google's automatic method of inserting ad codes. You can also follow Google's automated method at first. If you want to put ad code on the website by yourself then you can put maximum 3 ad codes. If more than 3 can be seated; Surfing time will increase a lot so visitors may decrease.

One thing to keep in mind when installing ad codes is that ad codes cannot be changed frequently When you place an ad code in a specific place, place the ad there forever. If there is a problem with the search engine, the value of the blog may fall, so it is better not to bother with the theme or ad code. 

Step 06: Continue blog post

Continue writing blogs without looking at income. Hard work is the key to success so there is no substitute for hard work. After getting Google Adsense approval, there will not be much income at first. As the day goes on; The traffic continues to grow. As the traffic increases, so does the revenue from the website.

Publish new writing. To friends; Want to know interesting things. You can highlight the issues they are interested in in your blog Promote your writing on various social media. Request to share text with friends. The way you can; Increase website traffic in any legitimate way. If you stop trying; It will be difficult to earn by writing a blog so the effort cannot be stopped. We have to accept the hardships and move forward. 

Step 07: Google AdSense Payment Method

If you keep trying, you will get the result of your efforts in a few months. The money earned on the website will be credited to the Google AdSense account. Withdrawing money from that account is usually called payment receipt. There are four ways to receive payment from Google Adsense, such as- 

  • PayPal
  • International MasterCard
  • International Visa Card
  • Bank War

PayPal is not available in our country and even for the general public, getting an International MasterCard or Visa card is the least complicated; So it is better to withdraw money from Google Adsense directly from any bank account in our country. If the money earned from the blog is deposited in Google Adsense for at least 100 dollars, Google will give you the opportunity to receive the payment. If it is less than 100 dollars, you will not be able to withdraw money.
Want to earn money by writing articles or blogs but can't open a website? If you want, you can also publish your writing on the website of Dhaka Staff. We pay depending on the quality of the writing and the content. You can also open the website with our advice if you want. Our web designers are ready to help you. In that case contact us on our Facebook page. 

How much money can be earned per month by writing a blog?

Is it possible to earn money by writing articles? Earn 100 a day by writing articles; Many people get confused by such amazing writing. In fact, how much money you can earn per day by writing articles or blogs will depend on it; On the number of visitors and on the number of clicks on the ads displayed on the blog.

It may be so; 1 thousand visitors came every day and 20 clicks, in which case the amount of income is 2/3 dollars; It was seen again, 50 thousand visitors but only 5 clicks! In that case the income will be reduced by 1 dollar. 1 click of a countries visitor is only 10 cents (less is more) but 1 click of an American visitor is 2/3 dollars (less is more). So the location of the visitor is also a big factor. Income will also depend on what kind of ads are being displayed So the amount of income from the blog site depends on- 

  • On the number of visitors.
  • On the number of clicks on the ad.
  • On visitor location.
  • On the type of advertising.
  • On the popularity of blogsites.
  • On the age of the blogsite.

In other words, it is never possible to say how much money you can earn from the blog. If you keep trying and publishing basic texts, you will be able to reach a good income; It could be $100 a day or $1,000. Remember; There is no shortcut technique in terms of income on the blog site. Work hard then you will be successful.

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