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Proper Rules and Care of Tent for Travellers

Proper Rules and Care of Tent for Travellers

Proper Rules and Care of Tent for Travellers

If you use your outdoor gear according to the right rules and take proper care of it, it will serve you well and last for a long time. Let's see what rules for the tent will be good for the tent and will last a long time. If you read the correct rules and care of tent bus, you will hopefully enjoy your camping and your tent will also provide good service for a long time.

First we will see how the tent will be pitched. Not to mention we are using the most used dome shape portable tent for trekking and backpacking trips.

Camp Site Selection and Preparation:

It is very important to find the right place for the camp site or the place where we will camp and stay overnight (or more than one day / night). Here are the things to keep in mind for a camp site:

  • The place should be flat and there should be no rocks or roots of trees. If necessary, clean it, remove the roots or gravel. Anything sharp can damage the tent floor. And if not equal, it will be difficult to sleep.

  • During the rainy season, tents cannot be pitched on sloping places where there is water. If it rains, all the water will flow into the tent.

  • In the rainy season, camping should never be done on the side of dry Jhiri or Jhiri water, there is a possibility of flood flooding the tent at any time.

  • Food and cooking should be kept away from these tents, otherwise there is a possibility of insects and animals coming near the smell later.

  • Fire and camp fires should be kept far enough away from the tent, if there is a tent facing the fire from the fire, sparks of fire can often fly away, but accidents can occur if the tent catches fire.

Tent preparation:

  • Take a look at the manual provided with your tent at the beginning.

  • First of all, I will open the tent where I will set up the tent and dig the peg or steak in the square of the floor at 45 degrees.

  • The tent poles will look good to see if all is well. This time I will open the poles evenly and set the whole thing through the shock cord.

  • If the pole insertion system is sleeve type then I will push the poles slowly from one side to the right place. If it is a clip system, I will never put the clip before. Never pull the pole, always push (push), the pole will come out of the shock cord and can be torn.

  • This time the two of them will press the two sides of the pole slowly and raise the middle one and attach the head of the pole to the fold or clip of the pole, in the same way I will attach the rest of the poles. If you can't find someone to help you, you can put the pole mount / clip on one side and press the tent alone on the other side.

  • Once the pole is installed, the ribbons and clips should be attached.

  • Rainfly should be applied through ribbon. If there is a strong wind or there is a possibility of coming, then Guy rope shots should be pulled properly. All pegs should be tightened in the right place in the right way.

  • Once the tent is set up, the inner floor should be cleaned of sand and dust with a small cloth or tissue paper.

  • If you have tent leaves during the day, you should keep in mind that the tent is slightly shaded, and the sun's ultraviolet rays damage the tent's fabric and poles throughout the day. During the storm, the tent leaves cannot be left under the big tree, the branches of the tree may break.

  • Placing a footprint or a cloth or polythene on the ground before leaving the tent leaves will make the tent floor less dirty and easier to clean when opened.

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