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IPL or World Cup? Find out the reasons behind the popularity of IPL

IPL or World Cup? Find out the reasons behind the popularity of IPL

Many people think that IPL is more popular than "Cricket World Cup". Today's column of USA Today discusses the popularity of IPL or Indian Premier League as well as whether IPL is more popular than World Cup.

Despite the International Cricket Council (ICC) announcing the cancellation of the 2020 T20 Cricket World Cup due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not canceled the IPL but has decided to hold the IPL by any means. Even if the ICC Cricket World Cup is not held, the IPL will be played on the field - a matter that has taken many cricket fans by surprise.

Is there any reason why the Indian Cricket Board is adamant in its decision to hold the IPL in any way? If the ICC is retreating, why is the BCCI not retreating? Let's take a look at some of the reasons behind the skyrocketing popularity of the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

Participation of Bagha Bagha players

Who does not live in the Indian Premier League IPL? World class bowlers like Virat Kohli, David Warner or Chris Gayle, Trent Bolt and Lasith Malinga are participating in this cricket tournament.

World-class all-rounders like Shakib Al Hasan and Ben Stokes also participate in the IPL. With almost all the world cricket stars participating in the IPL, this short version of cricket is in full swing.

In addition to the current world star players, former superstars also participate in the IPL in one way or another. Players are seen in the dressing room as coaches of greats like Tom Moody, Sangakkara and popular commentators like Nasser Hussein are seen in Mike's hands.

The IPL is in the midst of a mix of these former-current Rathi Maharathis and this is why the popularity of the IPL is higher than any other cricket tournament and has always been at the peak of popularity. 

The vision of the supporters of all Countries

Although the ICC Cricket World Cup is only for a few Test playing nations, almost all countries have less representation in the IPL. From Lamichane in Nepal to Tendeskat in the Netherlands, at least a couple of star players from almost all such countries participate in the IPL.

With such cricketers from almost every country participating, the people of those countries support the team in which the indigenous players are playing in the IPL. Think of Bangladeshi cricketers Shakib Al Hasan or Mustafiz as examples. Shakib Al Hasan Most of the cricket fans in Bangladesh have supported Kolkata in the IPL due to playing for Kolkata Knight Riders. When the game was played in Kolkata, Shakib raised his voice.

A large part of Bangladesh has supported Hyderabad due to the move of Mustafizur Rahman's Sunrisers to Hyderabad. In the same way, the tournament has become very popular all over the world due to the participation of players or staff in the IPL from almost every country in the world where cricket is popular. 

Not having any other tournaments or schedules

Why is IPL so popular? The most important thing is that there is no other cricket tournament during the IPL or any international match between the two nations or tri-nations. The matter is very rich in curiosity. Since the IPL is a very important and glittering tournament, the first choice of the best players in almost every country is to participate in a tournament like the IPL.

Earlier, two international matches were played during the IPL, but now the ICC does not hold any matches during the IPL. Even if the schedule of a couple of international matches has to be postponed to keep the schedule of the IPL straight, the International Cricket Council or ICC does so.

Such a decision by the cricket body's guardians for the IPL has undoubtedly helped to increase the popularity of the IPL several times over. It is worth mentioning that it is reasonable to accept the IPL as the best of all the ICC events. 

Lots of sponsorship and broadcasting

When did a sporting event reach its peak of popularity? When he has a multi-billion dollar budget behind the game and plenty of broadcasting. Starting with a budget of thousands of crores of rupees, the IPL is broadcast all over the world, so people watch four sixes to spend their leisure time.

There is so much budget behind the IPL which is more than the ICC Cricket World Cup! Hundreds of crores of rupees are spent behind a team in the IPL and a few thousand crores for the entire tournament. Such a huge budget tournament so big companies all over the world get involved in it.

Due to the sponsorship of big companies, the message of IPL reaches almost everyone, so there is no need to write a book to find out that IPL is unrivaled in popularity. 

Gorgeous management

Almost all the people in the state love the team representing their state as there is a separate homeground for each party as well as the combination of the state with each party. As a result, just as it is a matter of representing one's country in an international cricket tournament, any team in the IPL is like an entity to the people.

During the game, the stadium is enlivened by the colorful colors of the cheerleaders dancing to the music or the roar of the decorations. These managements put the IPL a few steps ahead in terms of popularity.

The BCCI also spends more money on broadcasting games than the ICC, so the broadcasting of the IPL is world class; At the same time, Indians scattered all over the world enjoy the IPL on TV screens. 

IPL big or World Cup big?

In a nutshell, the ICC Cricket World Cup is supposed to be bigger than the IPL because, however, domestic cricket tournaments can never be compared to international cricket tournaments. The IPL and the Cricket World Cup are not things to compare.

Multiple nations participate in a Cricket World Cup. Representing a few countries has earned him a lot of respect throughout the tournament. As such, the IPL has never been the equivalent of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

But when it comes to popularity or glitter, the IPL is definitely bigger than any ICC event. The number of people who have become intoxicated for the IPL is unprecedented in the ICC cricket tournament.

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